About us

Compassionate care, empowering lives, making a positive difference


We all need support throughout the significant stages of our lives

Danialscare Limited functions as a domiciliary care and staffing agency, catering to institutions and organizations in need of nurses, healthcare care assistants, and support workers. Danialscare extends its services throughout the United Kingdom.

Danialscare diligently matches highly skilled health and social care professionals with clients, streamlining the process and delivering cost-effective solutions. We prioritise honesty, integrity, and a comprehensive understanding of local health and social provisions. Our aim is to offer exceptional quality services, embracing the national ethos of Duty of Care in Health and Social Care.


Embracing diversity, fostering equality, and creating a conducive environment for all to thrive.


Committed to ethical practices, sustainability, and accountable decision-making for a better future.


Honoring dignity, valuing individual perspectives, and nurturing a culture of mutual respect.


Building partnerships, fostering teamwork, and leveraging collective expertise to achieve shared goals.